Virus Counter 3100

A Powerful Tool for Virus Quantification

A novel approach for determining total virus particle concentration that provides precise results in minutes, not days. Get a quantitative picture of viral growth that’s simple, compliant, and cost-effective with:

  • Focus: The first and only automated technology specifically developed to rapidly quantify intact virus particles
  • Speed: Results in minutes, not days or weeks required for other methods
  • Versatility: Multiple detection systems available
  • Reliability: Rugged design for industrial settings, including 21 CFR Part 11-capable software for GMP environments




“We have basically stopped running plaque assays on our P0 and P1 virus stocks because the accuracy of the titers obtained with the Virus Counter leads to better virus amplifications than those obtained using plaque assay titers. The instrument saves one to two weeks on our virus production timeline and it is very helpful to know within a day or two that a transfection or co-transfection has yielded virus particles.”



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